26. January 2018
Coverage of the Environmental Working Group's radium report is the latest example of how the existence of contaminants in drinking water can be reported in a way that understandably causes customer concern. Proactively communicating about water quality beyond utility CCRs is more important than ever before.
11. January 2018
Articles are flying around about the pros and cons of the new "raw water trend". First, it's not a trend. Second, it's dangerous and threatens its consumers' health.

07. January 2018
When news of the discovery of GenX and other chemical contaminants broke in June, many of us who work in water wondered how far it would move the needle. In late December, we all received the answer.
17. November 2017
Earlier this week (November 12-14), WaterPIO attended the NC AWWA-WEA's 97th Annual Conference for a couple reasons. The first one was, yes, we were trying to drum up business. Consistent, proactive public communications efforts are seen by many utilities as a luxury they would like to engage in but can't because it taxes their time or resources as they focus on their core mission: providing safe, clean water and wastewater services. There is also a ton of trepidation because they've been...

30. August 2017
The Wilmington, NC StarNews gave us the opportunity to provide a review of what has been learned during the last two-plus months of the GenX water crisis.  The editors found my piece to be a "valuable and insightful summary" from "someone who knows the water industry very well."  We hope you agree. 
03. August 2017
How one utility's decision not to communicate with the public both before and after bad news struck about a toxin being found in its water will have lasting repercussions. Graphic from coverage by The Intercept.

22. May 2017
As reported by WaterWorld Magazine last week, J.D. Power released its 2017 Water Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction Study reporting the responses from residential customers of 87 water utilities each delivering water to a population of at least 400,000 people in four geographic regions. Overall satisfaction was measured by examining 33 attributes within six factors (listed in order of importance): delivery; price; conservation; billing and payment; communications; and customer service....
10. May 2017
This week, Vox focused on a Michigan State study highlighting the high-risk and at-risk households for water poverty or unaffordable water services. It reports that one-third of all U.S. households will have to pay an unaffordable price for water by 2020 due to the need to repair and replace outdated infrastructure. In North Carolina, water utilities can speak directly to their affordability and future plans to update their infrastructure.

06. May 2017
WaterPIO responds to the NRDC's report and why its focus on cold data without context does a disservice to water utilities, regulators across the country by leaving readers with the wrong impression about the safety of their water.
23. April 2017
WaterPIO serves utilities and operations looking to improve their customer and emergency communications for a fraction of the cost of full-time personnel FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Mike McGill (910) 622-8472 mike@WaterPIO.com www.WaterPIO.com WILMINGTON, NC (April 24, 2017): Today, two longtime water utility directors officially launched a new communications firm dedicated to helping water and wastewater professionals meet their customers' growing expectations for information. Based in...