Seven major conferences have selected WaterPIO to present on several, different water-communications-related topics over the next few months.  We've already presented at the South Carolina Rural Water Association's Decision Makers Summit and to the North Carolina Waterworks Operators Association.  On March 11, WaterPIO will present on how to handle GenX and emerging contaminant-related communications to the South Carolina Environmental Conference; we're also hosting Booth 125. We'll also be presenting on GenX to the North Carolina American Water Works Association's Spring Symposium on March 26.  


Representing the Town of Belville, North Carolina, WaterPIO wrote an op-ed for the Wilmington, NC StarNews responding to criticism of the town's effort to ensure the construction of a groundwater reverse osmosis plant.  In the interests of protecting public health, the town agreed to acquire H2GO's water and sewer systems under North Carolina General Statutes.


WaterPIO is helping multiple clients handle the discovery of the toxic, emerging contaminant GenX in the Wilmington, North Carolina area's drinking water supply.  We've also served as a valuable resource for local media; one of our many interviews can be found here