For more than a decade, WaterPIO has been on call for water and sewer utilities, providing information to customers 24/7/365.


We live in The Instant Information Age.  Your customers are receiving the news they want - no matter how important or trivial - without needing to ask for it.  


WaterPIO helps water utilities meet their customers' growing expectations for information. We can develop and implement communications strategies that improve connections with customers without taxing your time and resources.  


We'll do the work for you, enabling you to focus on your essential duties: providing safe and reliable water services. And there's new proof of how consistent communications work can go to help your entire water operation.  J.D. Power's Water Customer Satisfaction Survey shows how water utilities that regularly communicate with their ratepayers and the media received significantly higher satisfaction scores.


One Year Later:  66" Main Break, Potomac, MD, 12/23/08.   Helicopter rescues were broadcast around the world.


WaterPIO offers our fellow PIOs - those who work for a water utility or for a local government that oversees a water operation - more than two decades of combined newsroom and public relations experience to call upon, more than a decade of it gained as a water utility PIO.  


As fellow PIOs, we know how difficult your outreach work can be when you have limited time and resources, especially if you have several other topics to communicate to your citizens beyond the water world.  


Our goal is to help fellow professionals like you successfully communicate water-related messages to your ratepayers.  We can make your budgets go farther through quick-acting, short-term or year-round communications planning and implementation.   Our assistance is provided in your good name; we're simply here to help you succeed.


Back in 2008, WaterPIO built the first emergency notification system specifically designed for a water and sewer utility.


WaterPIO is a communications pioneer for the water and wastewater industry.  If your water operations do not have a dedicated PIO, we can support your overall communications staff with outreach plans that proactively puts out positive information about the good work of your water team.  


At the same time, we can defuse any crisis that arises, ranging from the discovery of emerging contaminants and algal blooms to concerns about lead contamination.  


For a fraction of the cost of your staff's time or the addition of personnel, we can keep your constituents informed about your work so they will be on your side when you need to turn to them for infrastructure funding.  We have a proven track record; we've presented our positive results to more than a dozen national and regional conferences.


COMPREHENSIVE SERVICE Plans with 24/7 Support

WaterPIO can keep your audiences in the know on a consistent basis and enact an extensive array of short-term, long-term, project and crisis-centered services.  We know your time and resources are limited, so all of WaterPIO's plans are crafted with your utility's needs, budgets and personnel in mind, combined together for ease of use.  


Take a look at our complete rundown of services and contact us; we'll be happy to tell you how all of our plans possess proven track records of success. 


WaterPIO-produced materials, websites, and online content have effectively informed our customers at the lowest possible cost for more than a decade.  


We've written and designed Consumer Confidence Reports, Annual Reports, CAFRs, bill inserts, brochures, posters, signage, and Web content that engage customers and key stakeholders for maximum impact.  




Sometimes the simplest steps provide a water and wastewater utility with the greatest impact. WaterPIO can help you tell your story through informative and entertaining outreach plans that impact groups of five or events entertaining 50,000.


Our public meetings and presentations have educated hundreds of professionals about our industry's important role while our school programs have taught dozens of classrooms full of kids how water and wastewater services touch their lives.

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